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Immune System Need a BOOST?

It’s more important now than ever to have a strong, healthy immune system.

With the threat of both the coronavirus and the pandemic pounds or quarantine-15, as I’ve heard it described, it can feel like your two options are to get sick or to pack on the pounds during this time of quarantine.

I’m here to offer tips to help you both STAY WELL and STAY FIT!

Here’s a three-pronged approach to help you improve your Lifestyle, Nutrition and Hydration at home and all day long. It’s my 3-STEP STAY WELL & STAY FIT STRATEGY designed to get you through quarantine leaner and healthier than ever.

STEP #1: Lifestyle: Pay attention to your habits as they relate to stress management, sleep and exercise by making sure that you put selfcare as a top priority every day. Be sure to limit your stress, turn off the TV, and get at least 30 minutes of exercise 3-5 times per week and 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night.

These habits lay the foundation for a strong immune system and happy body that fights infection, burns fat and has every all day.

Lifestyle Habit: Commit to 30 minutes of exercise daily at home with zero equipment. In just 30 minutes, turn your body into a fat furnace that supercharges your metabolism and boosts your immune system. Lowering stress for HOURS after the workout just 30 minutes in the morning sets you up for ALL DAY Success.

**Reach out to me for guidance on your at-home workouts!**

STEP #2: Nutrition: You can’t out-exercise a bad diet and your nutrition is absolutely essential in burning fat, building muscle and keeping you healthy. A diet high in clean protein, fruits, vegetables and the right macronutrients is the most important element to overall health.

Stay away from the fridge and the pantry in between meals! Just because you are stuck at home doesn’t mean that you have the license to eat whatever you want all day long!

Take great tasting supplements throughout the day to curb your appetite and fuel your metabolism and immune system.

When you first wake up set your day right with a scoop of powdered greens -- each scoop is packed with vitamins and minerals from over a dozen fruits and vegetables -- take this with an easy to digest multi-vitamin and you are set for the morning.

After working out, repair your muscles and boost your metabolism with great tasting protein. Mix it up like a milkshake to build muscle and strengthenyour immune system.

STEP #3: Hydration -- This is often overlooked but your body's hydration level plays a crucial role in every system functioning correctly. Without adequate hydration and the right electrolyte delivery system your body doesn’t get the nutrients it needs to recover from illness or infection -- proper hydration is the key element to a well-functioning body.

Water delivers vitamins, minerals, nutrients and to every cell in the body. Shockingly, 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated which means they are suffering from stubborn weight gain, low mood, and a compromised immune system. Solve your hydration habit by drinking water all day long.

Focusing on these 3 steps gives you a rock-solid foundation to burn fat and fight infection.

Remember, YOU are the best defense against excess weight gain, low energy and viral infections.


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