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The Two Most Important Diet Questions You Could Ever Ask Yourself…

1. "What should I eat for breakfast?"

2. "What should I eat after dinner?"

Do you know the right answers?

If you can just get these two choices correct in your daily diet, it makes a huge difference in how good you look and feel, and how healthy you’ll be for the long haul.

The sad truth, however, is that MOST people don’t know the right answers, and instead make a huge mistake that causes them to gain weight, lose energy, look older and erode their health.

It also causes nutrient deficiencies which make it nearly impossible to lose weight.

This is why it’s so important for you to understand what to eat at these two crucial times each day, and why I’d like to share the best choices with you…

What to Eat for Breakfast

The food that you eat for breakfast sets the tone of how much energy you’ll feel and often dictates the food choices that you’ll make for the rest of your day.Your breakfast also has the power to fuel your metabolism or to set your metabolism up for failure.

Sadly, most people simply don’t have time to make a nutritious breakfast.

Even those who do make time for breakfast often fail to eat enough high-quality protein in the meal.

Most Americans are getting less than half of their daily protein requirement, and it starts with breakfast. This protein is crucial for burning fat, fighting cravings and getting fit. This means getting a minimum of 20 grams of high quality, super clean protein in your breakfast in order to reap the benefits.

If you aren’t getting enough protein then you’re setting yourself up for failure with your body transformation, no matter how hard you strive at the gym, or how diligently you cut calories.

To make matters worse, the breakfasts that are eaten are most often high in simple carbs, in addition to being way too low in protein. And many simply skip breakfast altogether.

Those that are getting some much-needed protein in their breakfast too often eat low quality protein from breakfast meats or the wrong kind of protein powder. These breakfast alternatives are typically full of artificial ingredients, fillers and additives that work against your body’s ability to burn fat and maintain energy.

What to Eat After Dinner

While you’ve been told that eating after dinner will hurt your fat loss results, it really comes down to WHAT you are eating that matters. Eat the right thing and you’ll actually HELP your fat loss efforts.

It’s true that you want to avoid eating sugars and carbs before bed just like you avoided at breakfast. The most important things TO eat is high quality, super clean protein, at least 20 grams. Just like at breakfast!

Making a habit of consuming 20 grams of clean protein before bed has shown to repair your muscles, increase your metabolism and lean muscles, and decrease your cravings while you are sleeping.

Put Protein Into Action

Now you know that high-quality, super clean protein is the right answer to both what you should eat for breakfast AND what you should eat after dinner.

How will you do this, knowing how busy your life is and what little time you have available? Putting this protein habit into your routine will make all of the difference…IF you’re able to come up with a sustainable, delicious plan to make it happen.


When you choose a protein powder be sure to look for one that has…

  • All natural ingredients

  • Zero sugar

  • Zero artificial sweeteners

  • Zero carbs

  • 100% pure protein isolate

Mix a scoop of protein powder with 8 ounces of water or milk for a delicious, creamy shake. OR mix a scoop into your oatmeal, pancake batter, yogurt, or cookie dough. There are so many exciting and delicious ways to enjoy this high-quality, super clean protein powder!


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